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Meet Rob y'all. The Photographer behind the Instagram account @TheGoodinAtx. A Instagram dedicated to sharing our city through Rob's perspective, as he goes on adventures around town. Y'all should all check it out! We like it for its wide range of subjects and content. It gives you some good Austin vibes for sure. When he's not in one of our swimming holes you can catch him capturing precious moments as a wedding photographer. Read on to learn more about Rob and take a look at his wedding imagery it's really intimate and genuine. 

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Hey, Rob 👋🏼. What is your Instagram handle so peeps can follow you?
@RobAugust and @TheGoodinATX

How long have you lived in Austin? 🗺
Three and a half years now. I came for nicer weather, adventure and to get out outside my comfort zone. I moved here alone, not knowing anyone and I've become pretty stoked on my lifestyle now. It looks like I'll be staying for quite a while to shoot weddings, exploring any and all swimming holes and continue to shoot anything that intrigues me

How did you first find out about IGAustinTexas?
I randomly stumbled upon it browsing through other Austin photographers and finally attended a Instameet few weeks ago.

How do you define community? 🌱
A group of people doing and helping each other flourish.

What keeps you making photos and taking snapshots for the gram?
THEGOODINATX just started as a creative dump for me. I have another personal Instagram but as any creative knows it Instagram starts to feel like a portfolio. You start to curate what you share to live up to the quality of your last image. This outlet was a place for me to try new shooting styles -- candid street shots, landscapes with subjects and playing with shadows. There was a ton of playing with my editing style until I got to where I'm at now. There's shots in there that are nowhere near portfolio worthy but it's all part of the process. "If you do work everyday at your life, you get better at it. The trick is: to keep it alive. To keep it crucial." 

What are you most passionate about and why?
People and composition. Trying to shoot or show something differently. Shooting weddings can be super fast paced and I prefer to slow things down a little bit to make something interesting compositionally. This usually takes time and knowing how to guide the conversation with the subject so they're not annoyed when their portrait takes more than 15 seconds. My travel friends have all gotten used to this. They see me walking the scene for a while before I start shooting anything. There's a personal favorite photo from Dinosaur Valley. It interests me visually but my close friends put the time in with me to make it great.

What are you up to now?
I'm ramping up for wedding season -- I'll be flying to New York, Michigan and then Banff for a solo adventure. Photography is part time for me but we'll see how it goes. Next up I plan to start writing blog posts aimed at photographers and also starting a mailing list of 5 things I'm super stoked about, photography or not ( This fall/winter I plan to start a series where I ask strangers to "show me" the good in ATX; if anyone's interested I'd love for them to comment below!

Any links you want to share with us ?
Checkout my Website here!



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