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Meet Dominique Mireya, a new Austin resident originally from Houston. Dominique had the opportunity to join us for the #CaptureEastAtx Instameet and explored the East Austin area with us. She has been blown away by the vibrancy of the city and is loving it! Read more about this photographer who's passionate about connecting people through photography and loves all forms of art. 


Shots from Dominique's feed


Hey, Dominique 👋🏼. What is your Instagram handle so peeps can follow you?
@dominiquemireya - My first and middle name. It's my photography instagram! It's my baby so that's why I only have 50- something followers :P my personal instagram is @domini1989

How long have you lived in Austin? 🗺
7 months

How did you first find out about IGAustinTexas?
I found out about IGAustinTexas through Instagram, of course. When I first moved to Austin, I was looking to find all the community gathering IG users - from festival groups, Do512, local photographers, and local popular businesses so that I can see what the Austin scene is all about. I participated in my first IGAustinTexas event in East Austin. It was super cool because firstly, I know nothing of the east side, but I figured it's going to have some amazing mural street art and great backdrops to take photos of. Coming from Houston, I can totally understand the up and coming of the "east side" in Austin. Houston's east end is very similar to Austin's! 

How do you define community? 🌱
A group of people of diverse backgrounds that come together for a purpose or learn from each other. Honestly, community can be define in so many ways these days!

What keeps you making photos and taking snapshots for the gram?
Moving from Houston to Austin, there are SO many areas of this small city that can essentially capture a great photo for the gram. Being in Houston my whole life and taking so many photos back then of the huge city and its surrounding areas, my Instagram feed has drastically changed to tacos, outdoor parks, dogs, hiking, live music and tacos. There is so much to capture here in Austin.

What are you most passionate about and why?
The arts. As a past arts administrator, I feel the arts whether it be through music, photography, dance or visual, I believe can making a lasting impact on everyone. It is incorporated into our daily lives- It is surrounded by us through public art on the streets, mural art, attending live shows, and especially through social media. I am also passionate connecting to others through my photography. I do feel that capturing images can bring people together and uplift one another through a candid moment.

What are you up to now?
So much! I recently joined a membership at Wonderlust yoga (yogis everywhere in Austin) and have been doing yoga for the past few weeks. I also have taking my camera EVERYWHERE, practicing and building my portfolio while I explore this awesome city

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